Bee & Tea – 19th July


Bee & Tea – 19th July

We are excited to announce our latest experience event – Bee & Tea, Friday 19th July!

Tim the Beekeeper has been an important small independent supplier for our business @thecleankilo since 2018 and he now supplies our bar with his delicious honey too!

Tim has been keeping bees for over 20 years, both in Worcestershire and also on the roofs of Birmingham buildings. He regularly gives lectures to trainee beekeepers at his local beekeeping association and he’s the Vice-President of Worcestershire beekeepers!

We are collaborating with him this Summer to offer a series of Bee Keeping Experience tours with our famous Cream Tea – including hot drink, fluffy scone, clotted cream and Bee9 honey too of course!

Expect to join us for the first hour to settle in and enjoy your delicious Cream Tea at Kilo Ziro and then it’s time to put on your Beekeeper’s suit and head over the road (literally the hives are on top of the Custard Factory, a stone throw away) and Tim will talk you through.

There are 2 sessions available at 2.30pm and 4.30pm and for a great introductory price of £40pp! Upgrade to a Local Bee’s Knees cocktail for £8!

Don’t miss this captivating experience!

Extra details for the day:

We ask you to bring sturdy, closed toe shoes, or ideally wellies.  It is unlikely, but we cannot guarantee that you will not be stung, so this is not a good activity if you know you are allergic to bee stings.

At the beekeeping experience we will provide you with a boiler-suit style bee suit with hood and gloves. We all get dressed up and go through the safety briefing.

Then we go onto the roof of the Custard Factory to see the bees.  We will open up a beehive and take out the ‘frames’ of bees to look at.  Tim will give you a running commentary as we do it, pointing out the workers, drone bees and the various stages of brood.  If we are lucky we will see the queen bee.  You can take part as much or as little as you want.  There is no pressure, but you will be given the opportunity to reach into the hive and hold a frame of bees containing about 1500 bees.

You will be able to take pictures throughout, so bring your phone/camera.

We will probably be on the roof for about an hour, but it depends a bit on how much you ask questions as Tim will be happy to answer anything throughout the experience.

After closing the hive, we will check each other for hitchhiking bees on our suits and then get changed back.  Hopefully you will leave with more knowledge about the fascinating honeybee, and of course lots of photos for your social media.

Important Note:
Children 10 years and over are permitted with their legal guardian only, please notify us by email if you are bringing a child as we have different size Bee suits!
If you have any dietary requirements, we must be notified by email 7 days in advance:

We look forward to hosting!


2.30pm – 5:00pm, 4.30pm to 7:00pm